Preparing for TV!

Preparing Your People!

  • Relax, be yourself, and have fun!
  • Wear what you feel comfortable in and that represents yourself/your family
  • Plain clothing is generally recommended
  • Avoid wearing anything controversial, political, and/or inappropriate
  • Green is not recommended (due to the small chance we use a green screen)
  • As an fyi, the hosts will be wearing a sports jacket/slacks (Brady) and a dress (Alyssa) but you don’t have to match them!

Preparing Your House!

*note these are general recommendations to maximize your home’s appeal to the general public and by no means are requirements to be on the show!


  • Show as much floor as possible–makes the space look larger and more inviting
  • Store toys, trinkets, & smaller items
  • Remove/stow all trash cans 
  • Remove/hide electronics cords & remote controls
  • Surfaces:  as a general rule, clear all tables, counters, etc.  In some cases, a single decorative item or appliance might be appropriate (flower vase, toaster, etc)
  • Walls:  keep decorations minimal & neutral; one large statement piece is more simple/focused than several small decorations
  • Remove/adjust any furniture or items blocking walking paths
  • Remove anything with personal information you don’t want shared on TV


  • Turn on all lights for the shoot (including all lamps/light fixtures)
  • Consider deep-cleaning all flooring
  • Walls:  repair any visible holes/obvious damage to walls; remove marks and scrapes
  • Dust light fixtures, baseboards & air vents; remove cobwebs  
  • Closets (if you want any featured): Clear floors, thin out hanging items, create appearance of more space
  • Stow personal items away (money, calendars, keys, jewelry, etc) 
  • Remove any private, controversial, and/or political displays
  • Remove any items that have children’s names


  • Clear off kitchen counters as much as possible (possibly leave one item per surface)
  • Keep your stove, oven, refrigerator, microwave, and other appliances clean 
  • Shine all faucets and clean all sinks
  • Store all dishes


  • Make all beds
  • Straighten, clean, & dust all desks, nightstands, and closets  
  • Don’t forget to declutter and show surfaces!


  • Clean sinks, counters, showers/baths, toilets, and shine all faucets
  • Close toilets and clear toilet items (brushes, plunges, etc) 
  • Clear sink vanities 
  • If you display towels, ensure they are clean, fluffy, and preferably white
  • Clear rugs/items that hide flooring


  • Touch up any noticeable exterior paint blemishes
  • Sweep entryway, driveway & sidewalks
  • Add fresh door mats, hang door wreath, potted plants, etc to entryway
  • Have your lawn freshly mowed & treated of weeds/lawn damage
  • Filling flower beds adds color and charm to your property  
  • Remove or replace any dead/dying trees, hedges or shrubs; prune anything that is overgrown, and add fresh mulch  
  • Wash any windows as needed

Garage (if featuring)

  • Unclutter or clear everything out of the garage that isn’t needed (show space for cars/storage)
  • Sweep garage floor and remove cobwebs
  • Remove garbage containers for shoot

Other Considerations

  • Notify hosts of any special features to highlight
  • Turn on all lights (add/replace bulbs on lamps, fixtures, etc as necessary)
  • Open all window shades
  • Feel free to let your contacts/neighbors know that you, your home, and your community will be featured on our show!

*Final Note:  “staging a property” is different from “decorating a home”–they are completely different pursuits with different goals.  Please keep this in mind and don’t take offense to any of our staging recommendations!